Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo


Eros Ramazzotti, Fiorella Mannoia, Renato Zero, Biagio Antonacci, Ron, Umberto Tozzi, Lucio Dalla, Giorgia, Mango, Gianluca Grignani, Drupi, Giusy Ferreri and many others.

Fabrizio “Bicio” (pron. “bee-chow”) Leo was born in 1971 in Abbiategrasso, Italy, about 20 km south of Milan.
He began playing guitar at 16, focusing his passion and practice on the rock/fusion genre, inspired by instructional videos by such amazing players like Greg Howe, Brett Garsed, and Frank Gambale.

After several collaborations as a sideman and touring with high-profile Italian pop/rock artists, in 2006 Bicio became the first Italian guitarist ever to be produced by Shrapnel Records boss Mike Varney, known worldwide for starting the shred generation fire 20 years ago (and producer of guitar gods like Greg Howe, Vinnie Moore, Tony Mac Alpine, Joey Tafolla, and Richie Kotzen). The CD, “Cutaways”, caused a tsunami of positive responses from specialized international and Italian press and fans from five continents.
Bicio has worked with a wide variety of artists on stage and in the studio, including: Eros Ramazzotti, Fiorella Mannoia, Renato Zero, Biagio Antonacci, Ron, Umberto Tozzi, Tazenda, Lucio Dalla, Luca Carboni, Loredana Berte', Giorgia, Mango, Dj Francesco, Luca Dirisio, Simone, Pago, Niccolò Agliardi, Gianluca Grignani, Drupi, Bobby Solo, Alberto Fortis, Giusy Ferreri, Laura Bono, Ricchi e Poveri, Luisa Corna, Zelig "Facciamo cabaret", Teste Sciroppate and many others.
He has performed on many TV shows including:Domenica In, Parla con me, Che tempo che fà, Wind Music Awards, Festivalbar, Night Express, Help, Miss Italia, Top of the Pops, Buona Domenica, Video Italia and Giornata mondiale della gioventu' (Vatican City).
“I had the opportunity to try the DV Mark Triple 6 head with a C 412 Standard cabinet at the recent Frankfurt Musikmesse, and immediately I realized that this system was allowing me to hear MY sound… it’s what I’ve been looking for, for a long time… It’s really rare to find an amp head that sounds so good on all the channels, from clean to crunch to lead…. and cabinets that, besides being ultra-light, have such impressive definition and dynamics. Compliments to Marco De Virgiliis and the DV Mark team for creating such a perfect product line, meticulously Made in Italy!” -  Bicio




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