Istvàn Alapi


Edda Mûvek, solo artist à

István Alapi is a versatile and well-known Hungarian guitarist, and since 1987 a member of one of the most popular, actually iconic hungarian rock band, EDDA MÛVEK. This band plays about 70-80 sold-out concerts yearly in Hungary and neighbouring countries, e.g. Slovakia, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine. 
István, from 1987 onwards, has featured on 25 EDDA albums as guitarist and composer. Since the early 90`s he was involved as a session guitarist on more than 150 different albums, produced in whole Europe. 
In 1996, his first instrumental solo album was released, the “Inner World” (Warner Magneoton), followed in 2000 by second album Istvan, released in U.S. by the well-known label Hitchcock Media Records. In 2011, his third solo album “niXfactor” was released by Gramy Records, and it won the “Best Jazz Album of the year” award on the Fonogram Gungarian Music Awards. His recent solo album “Inner Vortex” has released in 2013, also by Gramy Records. 
"The Multiamp is the Best gear that you can find in the market! I had so many amps and effects in my life, but I was never so happy as now with my Multiamp. It's really convenient to use,  to get great sounds in every different kind of styles,  great amp models, effects, and power amp all together in a really lightweight unit. When I start playing I always feel, the sound is coming from my heart! "
“In last decades I had almost all amplifiers," says István, "but when I had to chance check out the DV Mark, my first thought was THAT’S IT! This sound is coming from my soul and this is the most important thing for me!“
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