Cutaway Guitar Magazine reviews the DV Jazz12 combo

Dec. 4, 2014, 7:56 a.m.
Spain's Cutaway Guitar Magazine has published a review of the DV Jazz12 combo in their Nov-Dec '14 issue.

Here are some excerpts: 

"The DV Mark team is always working to meet every musician’s need. During the course of time their products became a true standard - like they did, for example, with their bass amps and Markbass."

"By turning the amp ON a beautiful blue led light turns on also. We started playing with a flat EQ and a Gibson 335. The low frequencies are full and defined, and by adjusting a bit the EQ controls you will find your optimum sound. When playing melodic chords you’ll be able to clearly hear both the chords and the melody, without any overlapping among frequencies."

>>> CLICK HERE for the full review (in Spanish) 



Greg Howe and DV Little GH 250 Tube

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Amazing young guitar player Lisa-X plays Serendipity.

Mark World Rising Star Lisa-X performs her song Serendipity using her DV Mark Multiamp.

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Amazing fusion guitar young talent Giorgio Galimberti

DV Mark rising star - 17 years old - Giorgio Galimberti plays his song Darkout using his Multiamp.

Alessio Menconi - Amazing "Overjoyed" jazz interpretation

DV Mark artist Alessio Menconi plays Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder using his DVC Guitar Friend 12 II.

Andrea Braido and DV Micro 50 II - Blues Improvisation

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Andrea Braido - Lady Double Dealer

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