Dan Mumm's brand new album "Peering Through the Lens of Time".

Nov. 19, 2015, 11:56 a.m.
After a full year in the studio, Dan Mumm's brand new album "Peering Through the Lens of Time" is finally finished and available to the public.  
This latest release contains 15 tracks, including 3 arrangements of Classical music and 12 brand new never-before-heard original songs.  Painstakingly written, recorded and produced, Dan's latest release blends elements of Neo-Classical Metal, Progressive Rock, Classical and Melodic Metal with subtle nods to Blues and other styles. One staple of the production of this album is the use of Italian amp manufacturer DV Mark's Multiamp on almost every track of the album. The rich tube sound offered by the Multiamp, found on all of the lead and rhythm guitar parts, adds a depth and clarity to the mix that is nearly impossible to miss.
While the album highlights the guitar playing that Dan is known for, one listen should make it clear that the focus of the album is on the compositions.  
Technically speaking, guitar fans will find a nearly unlimited array of mind-bending techniques throughout the album including lighting fast alternate picking, sweep picking, 8 finger tapping and much more.  But as Dan likes to say that he is a musical artist first and then a guitarist, nothing emphasizes this point better than the wide variety of compositions on his 2015 release "Peering Through the Lens of Time."  
While the first listeners have had an array of positive things to say, the most common comment has been that the album gets better with every listen.
“Peering Through the Lens of Time” currently available through Sellfy.com


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