Frank Gambale & Soulmine European concerts.

Oct. 9, 2017, 12:49 p.m.

Check out his tour schedule and don’t miss him!

Oct 12 - Uppsala ( near Stockholm Sweden ) Guitar Festival
FG Clinic - 5pm
Soulmine Concert - 9pm

Oct 15 - Opole, Poland - Philharmonic Theater Opole
This event is part of Drum Festival.
Showtime 7pm
Venue: Filharmonia Opolska
Krakowska 24, Opole, Poland

Oct 17 - Milan, Italy - Blue Note
2 Shows 9pm and 11pm

Followed by a series of clinics for the beautiful Cort Frank Gambale Luxe acoustic guitar;
Oct 19 - Madrid, Spain
Venue: LETURIAGA Music Store. Calle de Cristobal Bordiu 22, Madrid.
Clinic time: Evening. For Info: 913-99-45-25 Pedro Leturiaga

Oct 20 - Barcelona, Spain
Carrer dels Montfar 16-18, 08004 - Barcelona. 
Info: 34-93-325-04-90 Luis Blanco.

Oct 23 - Milan, Italy
Venue: LUCKY MUSIC. Via Carlo D'Adda 29, 20143 Milano
Info: 39-02-581-03-239 Mauro De Nadai

Oct 24 - Budapest, Hungary
Venue: Budapest Jazz Club. Hollan Erno u.7, 1136 Budapest
Info: Sanyi -

Oct 26 - Paris, France
Venue: Woodbrass Store, 182 Ave Jean Jaures, 75019 PARIS
Info: Philippe Sissler - 03-8920 3300



Finaz - "Gitanata" with Markacoustic AC 801P.

On this video Finaz from Bandabardò plays a solo guitar song titled "Gitanata" using his AC 801P amp where he used both the XLR direct Output and a mic in front of it.

Kiko Loureiro - Ray of Life.

This is a video of Kiko Loureiro performing live in studio his song "Ray of Life" from his solo album Sounds of Innocence. He just used his DV Mark Multiamp plugged in stereo into a DV Neoclassic 412 cabinet.

Michael Angelo Batio jamming on DV Micro 50 M.

On this video DV MArk top-artist and great shred master Michael Angelo Batio jams on his new DV Mark DV Micro 50 M head.

Michael Angelo Batio - Hands Without Shadows w/Dv Mark DV Little 250 M

On this video Michael Angelo Batio plays his song Hands Without Shadows live in studio. His DV Mark amp rig is a DV Little 250 M head into a DV Neoclassic 412 cab.

Michael Angelo Batio - EVH w/DV Mark DV Little 250 M.

On this video DV Mark artist Michael Angelo Batio plays his tribute to Van Halen live in studio. His DV Mark amp rig is a DV Little 250 M head into a DV Neoclassic 412 cab.

Carmine Migliore "Maledetta e sola"

DV Mark Artist Carmine Migliore releases his last single "Maledetta e sola".

Rob Balducci - DV Mark Multiamp Presets.

On this video Rob Balducci plays the different live presets he created on his DV Mark Multiamp.

DV Mark artist Andrea Braido - Black Night with Multiamp

On this video the Italian guitar virtuoso Andrea Braido plays his tribute to the great Deep Purole song "Black Night". He used the DV Mark Multiamp recorded from the XLR cab simulated Outputs.

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