Greg Howe - Wheelhouse Europe Tour 2018.

Aug. 1, 2018, 2:01 p.m.

Here the details:
October 8th - Isola del Liri (Italy) - Teatro Mangoni
October 9th - Naples (Italy) - Teatro Maria Aprea
October 10th - Rome (Italy) - Cross Roads Live Club
October 11th - Parma (Italy) - Campus Industry Music Parma
October 12th - Torino (Italy) - Il Mgazzino di Gilgamesh (band clinic)
October 13th - Milano (Italy) - Zio Live Music Club
October 15th - Nice (France) - Espace Magnan
October 17th - Bologna (Italy) - Bravo Caffe
October 19th - Gavle (Sweden) - CC Pub
October 20th - Sala (Sweden) - Rockland
October 21st - Olso (Norway) - Herr Nilsen
October 22nd - Hamburg (Germany) - Logo
October 23rd - Berlin (Germany) - Franz Club
October 25th - Dresden (Germany) - Tante Ju
October 27th - Opole (Poland) - Filharmonia w Opolu
October 28th - Bochnia (Poland) - Oratorium Św. Kingi, Bochnia
October 30th - Skopje (Macedonia) - Stanica 26
November 1st - Instanbul (Turkey) - Moda Kayikhane
November 3rd - Athens (Greece) - Athina Live
November 4th - Nicosia (Cyprus) - Downtown Live
November 5th - Heinsberg (Germany) - Rondell im Klevchen
November 6th - Utrecht (Netherlands) - Tivoli
November 7th - Tilberg (Netherlands) - Paradox
November 8th - Zoetermeer (Netherlands) - Boerderij
November 9th - Dortmund (Germany) - Blue Notez
November 10th - Hasbergen (Germany) - Gaste Garage
November 18th - Vaureal (France) - Le Forum
November 19th - Tours (France) - Le Temps Machine (concert & masterclass)
November 20th - Bordeaux (France) - Sortie 13
November 22nd - Barcelona (Spain) - La Nau
November 23rd - Pamplona (Spain) - Sala Indara
November 24th - Madrid (Spain) - Soundstage
November 25th - Malaga (Spain) - La Cochera Cabaret

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photo: Fred Morledge - FM Photography



Amazing young guitar player Lisa-X plays Serendipity.

Mark World Rising Star Lisa-X performs her song Serendipity using her DV Mark Multiamp.

Alessio Menconi - The Dolphin

Alessio Menconi plays a classic tune by Stan Getz using his DVC Guitar Friend 12 II amp.

Amazing fusion guitar young talent Giorgio Galimberti

DV Mark rising star - 17 years old - Giorgio Galimberti plays his song Darkout using his Multiamp.

Alessio Menconi - Amazing "Overjoyed" jazz interpretation

DV Mark artist Alessio Menconi plays Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder using his DVC Guitar Friend 12 II.

Andrea Braido and DV Micro 50 II - Blues Improvisation

On this video DV Mark Artist Andrea Braido is improvising over a blues track using his DV Micro 50 II head on the Lead channel, using just a delay pedal in the FX Loop.

Andrea Braido - Lady Double Dealer

On this video the Italian guitar hero Andrea Braido plays Deep Purple classic song "Lady Double Dealer", using the DV Mark EVO1.

DV Mark artist WEN LIN - DV Micro 50 and Neoclassic 412

DV Mark artist WEN LIN demoing the DV Micro 50 head and Neoclassic 412 cabinet. Special thanks to our distributor Parsons Music.

Luca Mantovanelli jazzin' on DV Raw Dawg EG

On this video DV Mark Artist Luca Mantovanelli improvises on a jazz track using the DV Raw Dawg EG head.

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