Mixdown magazine reviews the DV GEN 15.

May 10, 2016, 8:39 a.m.

Here some of the very positive comments on the DV Gen 15 review:
- The first thing I noticed about the Silver Gen 15 from Mark World’s DV range is just how light it is.

- Fire it up, and the mid-range comes barking at you like a terrier at a picket fence.
- With everything at 12 o’clock, it’s the kind of spanking, compressed sounding tonality that country pickers and bequiffed rockabilly kids plaster their walls with posters of.
- Once the (boost) switch is engaged, it almost acts like a combination of other amps’ presence stages, and a deftly applied compressor.
- It is exactly the kind of tonal response you expect from a company who made their name in bass rig territory; tight and brassy enough to cut through a mix with very little flab or wiggle room to get lost in.
- Give it the slap and squeeze it’s asking of you and it’ll howl at the moon.
- Faced with a few pedals it was even more malleable…not only did it not falter but almost rose to the occasion, belying more headroom than I initially gave it credit for.
- Somewhere between 9 and 3 o’clock there is a sweet spot that has something of the charm of a much bigger amp being nudged ever so slightly in the direction of “Honey, can you turn it down!!” and that is where the little gem shines.
- This is an amp that makes a set of promises and delivers them. Endearingly slab sized, lightweight and familiar on the eye, all brazen mids and everyday workhorse charm.
- If you’re looking for a clean, nuanced, home use tube amp, look no further.

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