Mixdown praises the Galileo 15, Bad Boy 120 and AC 601

March 15, 2012, 5:59 a.m.
Australia's Mixdown magazine surveyed a bunch of amps and had great things to say about the Galileo 15, Bad Boy 120 and AC 601. Among them:

Galileo 15

"Don’t let the little size and appearance fool you – fat and and warm clean tones through to spankier/funky/edgy tones and gain. Can do fairly saturated gain sounds and works well with pedals in front for a versatile little unit."
"A tasty little head with enough EQ control to suit a host of styles and players."

Bad Boy 120

"There is so much going on in this amp, it is lightweight, offers a great selection of tones and features some intuitive software integration for valve bias data. This is the next step in stage amplifiers, giving the user the control they need over their sound."
"It is big, bold and loud."

AC 601

"Brilliantly clear reproduction of the guitar's best qualities, with plenty of volume and projection. Really great for very high quality guitars."
"Excels at clear, loud, hi-fi reproduction of an acoustic instrument's pickup or microphone system, and it really feels geared at presenting the best version of the guitar's own sound rather than trying to change it."



Kiko Loureiro at DV Mark Headquarters.

This is an interview with Kiko Loureiro about his career, his relationship with DV Mark and his use of the Multiamp.

Eric Gales interview at DV Mark Factory.

DV Mark top-artist Eric Gales interviewed by Musicoff.

Michael Angelo Batio with DV Little 250 M - 8 Pillars Of Steel.

On this video DV Mark top artist and guitar hero Michael Angelo Batio plays live in studio his song 8 Pillars of Steel. He's using a DV Little 250 M head getting his signature shred metal tone out of it!

Frank Gambale & DV Mark FGC121

On this video DV Mark top-artist Frank Gambale talks about his tone needs and how he gets the sounds he wants on his DV Mark FGC 121 amazing combo amp. Having used many different amps during his 50 years long guitar playing, he knows how the amp has to react to properly please him!

Greg Howe at DV Mark Headquarter.

Greg Howe visiting DV Mark headquarter, where he plays a little bit through his DV Little GH 250 signature head and he talks about his career in music.

Ciro Manna and DV Micro 50 - Rain Fall.

On this video DV Mark artist Ciro Manna plays the song Rain Fall from his solo album Feel'n'Groove. Ciro used the DV Micro 50 head into a DV Neoclassic 412 cabinet, connecting his pedal setup on the front end of the head amp.

Rob Balducci plays "Of The Earth" through the DV Micro 50.

DV Mark artist Rob Balducci using the DV Micro 50 to play his a classic song Of The Earth... killer tone!! Beautiful Tone inspires....

DV Mark artist Rotem Sivan plays DV Jazz 212.

Jazz great Rotem Sivan playing his DV Jazz 212 combo.

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